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VoIP Phone Systems
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Are You Paying too Much for Your Phone System?

As your partner, we are confident that we can lower your monthly phone bill by installing a new Voice over IP phone system.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Send us copies of your phone bills for the past month or two. We'll work directly with you for the most cost-savings possible.
2. If a new phone system will save you money, we'll let you know. Then we will schedule a demo with a representative to show you the full functionality and capabilities of their solutions - and answer your questions.
3. Once we schedule a time to install your phone system, your cost savings will begin!

As a Chamber Member, take 10% off your Setup Fee and Premium Support.

Free Polycom 400 Phone Included with Each Line.*

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phone: (941) 900-4533
website: Contact Us
Offer Begins: April 1, 2018
Manatee Chamber of Commerce