Senior Manager, Water/Wastewater Utility - Job Code #4620

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Senior Manager, Water / Wastewater Utility (Official Job Title: Senior Manager):  This is a professional and managerial position providing oversight to Sarasota County’s water and wastewater utility system, which includes, but not limited to operations, planning, organizational and financial management.  This position includes responsibility for the delivery of major community outcomes including, but not limited to: sustainable water supply system, surface and groundwater protection/enhancement, protection of public health and the maintenance and enhancement of existing public infrastructure.


  • Directs the operation and maintenance responsibilities of the Water/Wastewater Utility(W/WWU) to meet, but not limited to the following objectives: 1) operate an effective and efficient water/wastewater and reclaimed system; 2) deliver efficient, cost-effective County water/wastewater and reclaimed services; 3) deliver water/wastewater and reclaimed services in a sustainable, flexible, and responsive fashion.  Also, directs the development and implementation of the Water and Wastewater Repair and Replacement program including financial, engineering and construction activities.
  • On behalf of the Director, serves as technical advisor representing proposed capital improvement projects (CIP) for Water/Wastewater Utility (W/WWU) which includes the proposed initial project design, the coordination and review of the draft of the scope of services to achieve a preliminary design report for a proposed CIP, the coordination of the review of proposed construction plans generally through 30% of project design, the provision of field work expertise, as needed, and administration support of contracts for the approved CIP associated with the W/WWU.  The services above include coordination on an as-needed basis with the following departments: Planning & Development Services, Administrative Services, Health and Human Services, Emergency Services and Community Services.
  • Directs and supervises a professional and technical staff to facilitate an efficient and effective work team to achieve stated community outcomes and levels of service, including meetings and other customer service responsibilities.  Provides leadership and technical guidance to formulate, implement, and monitor policy and procedures appropriate to the day-to-day operation of various programs.  Administers staff recruitment, interview process and annual performance management system.  Directs the preparation of the annual budget and exercises budgetary controls.
  • Coordinates responses to inquiries relative to specific projects and other information as required.  Attends public meetings, prepares reports, and conducts formal presentations.  Acts as a liaison with the regulated community, regulatory agencies and professional organizations to resolve outstanding program issues.  Acts as a staff liaison for the WSAC committee.
  • Serves on technical advisory committee(s), task force(s), teams and focus groups to achieve common enterprise/ organizational goals.  Maintains communication and coordination with external agencies on development and implementation of programmatic function.  Attends meetings, workshops, and training activities to ensure professional and personal growth.  Performs other related duties and projects as assigned by the director.
  • Manages proactive assessments of fraud awareness, prevention, detection and risk mitigation activities in area of responsibility; oversees financial, compliance, operational and performance audits; reviews audit findings and ensures appropriate controls are established and implemented.


Minimum Qualifications:  A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in Public or Business Administration, Civil or Environmental Engineering, or a related field AND eight (8) years of related experience -OR- A Master's Degree in above areas with six (6) or more years of related experience.  Supervisory experience required. 

Preferred Qualifications:  Registered with the State of Florida Board of Professional Engineers. Advanced professional certification highly desirable.  Previous work as a Manager III is preferred.

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