Treatment Plant Operator - Water or Trainee - Job Code #3935

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Water Treatment Plant Operator (TPO) or TPO Trainee:  Operate and maintain mechanical and analytical equipment in connection with the operation of water treatment plant facilities including collecting samples, reading meters, maintains equipment; monitoring overall performance of the treatment process, run water quality analysis, monitoring SCADA system and performing required repairs and preventative maintenance on treatment equipment.


  • Collect, record and interpret data for completion and utilization of operation and maintenance records as directed.
  • Collect samples and perform chemical analyses as directed. Perform daily operations of pumps, motors, valves and other treatment plant equipment as directed so that the plant will operate within the parameters of its operating permit and specific rules established by the applicable regulatory agencies.
  • Respond to emergency operational requirements as needed.
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on pumps, motors, valves and other treatment plant equipment as directed. Preform housekeeping and grounds maintenance as directed.
  • Perform other additional duties as directed by the Chief Treatment Plant Operator and respond to emergency operational requirements as directed.


Minimum Qualifications:  A High School Diploma or equivalent and mechanical experience or aptitude to operate small equipment and tools. Possession of valid Class E Florida Driver’s License. Possession of a Class “A”, “B”, or “C” Water Treatment Plant Operator’s License as issued by the State of Florida. If hired as a Trainee: must obtain a Class “C” Water Treatment Plant Operator’s License within two (2) years.  If hired as a trainee, please note the salary will be less until person has obtained his/her license.

Preferred Qualifications:  Water treatment process control, mathematics, microbiology, chemistry, motors controls and mechanical/electrical maintenance & troubleshooting.  Training in Hazcom, Confined Spaces, Hearing Protection, Bloodborne Pathogens, Respirators, Workplace Violence, Lockout/Tagout, Fire Extinguishers, Personal Protection Equipment and Hazardous Waste Operations.

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