Manager III - Parks - Job Code #4435

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Manager III - Parks:  Under direction of the Senior Manager Parks, Programming and Stewardship, performs professional work and technical staff assistance in the management and operation of the Beach and Water Access Division; plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and supervises the use and activities; operations and maintenance;  ensures environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance; establishes procedures and guidelines and contributes to policy-making; strategic planning; oversees budgets; serves as a resource for and coordinates with other staff, the Senior Manager of Parks, Programming and Stewardship, the Director of Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources, other governmental agencies and other units across the enterprise; performs related work as required. 


  • Beaches, parks, trails, and natural areas:   Manage, supervise, and lead the Beaches Team to provide excellent visitor services to park users in the delivery of services such as reservations, special events, and programs; work with the team and partners to ensure clean, safe and accessible  parks and venues by providing park maintenance, janitorial services, tree management, and seaweed, red tide and fish kill cleanups; work with regulatory agencies or programs (e.g., Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Conservation and Environmental Permitting, etc.) on beach and natural area activities and improvements to ensure compliance with environmental protection requirements and building codes; provide and ensure appropriately designed and managed public access to parks, preserves, and amenities, coordinate with the Park Development, Planning and Maintenance Business Unit within PRNRCapital Projects and their consultants on CIP projects in the planning and development of park facilities,; consult on concessions and business operations in parks. Ensure protection and appropriate management of amenities and natural resources, including listed species such as marine sea turtles and nesting shorebirds; coordinate with public safety officials (law enforcement, emergency services, EOC) and Risk Management staff to ensure safe parks.  Maintenance and Protection of natural areas, resources and wildlife, historic and cultural resources; provide for well-designed and managed trails, water access points and boat ramps; ensure environmental education programs and other education opportunities to park users and visitors.  Permitting, protection and oversight of the Sarasota County Artificial Reef Program; Intracoastal Navigational Markers upkeep and maintenance; work with other agencies on the Sarasota County Derelict Vessel Removal program.
  • Develops and directs the implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards for park staff, volunteers, contractors, and other partners that operate in or work to build or maintain county managed parks, beaches, and park amenities and lands. This includes a comprehensive and diverse program of park services, public information and engagement and marketing, ecotourism, recreation program activities, and technological advancements.  Manages proactive assessments of fraud awareness, prevention, detection and risk mitigation activities in area of responsibility; oversees financial, compliance, operational and performance audits; reviews audit findings and ensures appropriate controls are established and implemented.

  • Drafts park code (protection ordinance) revisions, resolutions, County Commission reports, letters and other correspondence for signature by administrators and the Board Chair.  Respond to complaints, investigate problems, and provide resolution to a wide range of issues or problems. Respond to public inquiries and requests for information or services.  Coordinate with public agencies regarding proposals for the use of public park lands and amenities for infrastructure improvements or maintenance, marketing and education, and other general government uses of park lands.  Respond to the requests for press and public information needs.  Attend and present at various public boards, committees and associations (e.g., County Commission, Parks Advisory and Recreation Council, various municipal park advisory boards, Siesta Key Association and other community groups, etc.).

  • Direct, plan, control, and supervise park operations and infrastructure development and reconstruction, assuring that projects align with the desires of the community, universal design, planning and regulatory requirements, permits, and conditions.  Review and approve park development designs and proposals that function appropriately and are consistent with construction and maintenance standards.  This work involves participation in team design and permitting meetings, on-site coordination with consultants and  staff, quality control inspections, public workshops and construction and landscape design input from a wide variety of stakeholders and the general public.  Work with County, State and other agencies (e.g., Maintenance Services, Facilities Maintenance, History Center, FDEP, Office of Financial Management, and Planning and Development Services) to plan for and implement park improvement projects.


Minimum Qualifications:  A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in recreation, leisure services, education, one of the biological or natural sciences, or related field, and six (6) years of professional experience related to the position. -OR - A Master's Degree from an accredited college or university with four or more years of related experience.  May consider substituting years of experience for the 4- year degree. 

Preferred Qualification:  Previous experience in the management of beaches and water access parks; previous experience in management of natural and cultural resources, park development, and improvement projects; previous experience in coastal regulations; well versed in dealing with public and political issues; previous experience with media relations; exceptional writing skills; CPRP preferred.

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