Human Services Specialist - Job Code #4395

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Human Services Specialist (Official Job Title: Business Professional I):  This is work in the development and administration of competitive and non-competitive human services contracts and other local, state, or federal grant programs as assigned.


  • Assists funding applicants and recipients to establishes/develops performance measures, discusses contractual requirements and reporting procedures, and explains the process involved in obtaining funding under one or more of the programs available.Provides technical assistance in preparing funding applications, periodic reports, and requests for payment in compliance with program requirements. Prepares funding applications and reporting forms. Determines technical compliance of each request with the requirements of the applicable funding source(s). Maintains master files on contracts including documentation of programmatic performance and expenditures.

  • Develops, negotiates, and manages inter-agency agreements and contracts with non-profit organizations and amendments, including program budgets and schedules to carry out program activities. Develops systems for assuring compliance with program requirements; conducts agency and program monitoring for individual programs on an annual basis through on-site visits, file reviews, payment and performance documentation reviews to ensure contract compliance.

  • Facilitates or assists with the coordination of service delivery with community partners for special local, state and federal projects as needed. Prepares and leads meetings, as needed.

  • Collects, analyzes and prepares, complex reports, plans and other documents related to the program and/or for submission to the federal, state or local funding agencies within specified timelines.


Minimum Qualifications:  Minimum of a two (2) year degree with three (3) years of experience OR a Bachelor's Degree in related field and one year experience preferred.  Five (5) years professional experience can be substituted at management discretion.

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