Planning Technician - Job Code #4382

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Planning Technician:  To provide professional technical work in assisting with the review, intake and development of factual information requests related to planning and development projects/initiatives and entitlements to planning staff, the public, Planning Commission (PC) and Board of County Commissioners (BCC).  This involves meeting coordination and participation, web posting, creating and designing post card notifications and mailing labels, preparing accurate advertisements for the PC and BCC public hearings and Neighborhood Workshops/Public Meetings, records management, research, creating and updating procedures, data analysis and report preparation which may include: site plans, graphics, data bases, Geographic Information Systems, spreadsheets, tables and maps as a member of a highly productive, professional team. These duties require attention to detail and accuracy.  Additionally, positive interpersonal communications skills are necessary as this work involves a high volume of customer interaction.


  • Participates in the Planner of the Day (POD) program and provides assistance, and recording of assistance provided, to Planning Services, the general public and County agencies/departments with general Planning/Zoning/Land Use/Development Services related information requests. Assistance and service to the public represent the majority of POD duties.  Updates information on the website, and Call Center Knowledge Base.  Assists in scheduling, preparation, and attendance of preliminary due diligence and Pre-Application meetings with petitioners.  Assists planners with neighborhood workshops and any related minutes or summary letters.  Maintains and updates application and development tracking systems and databases. Enters new Escrow Accounts and new Petitions into county database system. Maintains and updates various procedures and manuals.  Creates monthly Planner of the day (POD) calendar.
  • Designs and creates postcard mailing notifications, generates maps of areas to be notified using GIS tools and prepares mailing labels.  Assists with database development, numeric or geographic, map projects, special studies, and site plan reviews researches and enters data into electronic database.  Serves as primary content lead person for internal/external Website, accurately posting new and updated information to website.  Maintenance of online Neighborhood Associations database.
  • Inventories maps, measures, collects and analyzes data on countywide land use, zoning, physical and environmental information.  Researches maps and collects information regarding existing urban services such as roadways, schools, parks, water, sewer and fire services associated with the preparation and update of planning and development plans.  Performs other clerical tasks related to the preparation and distribution of planning and zoning reports to Planning Commission and Sarasota County Commission.  Monitors and updates master mailing list.
  • Provides additional front desk customer assistance and back up as needed and any other duties as delegated or assigned.
  • Familiarity with OR assist with preparation/producing accurate eGenda items for BCC consideration/action using the Sire/eGenda Program.  Responsible for records management and maintaining electronic files/folders or online records following the conclusion of BCC public hearings for faster retrieval of information for internal and external customers. Custodian/research public records for Planning Services.


Minimum Qualifications:  Two (2) years of experience in compiling, tabulating and entering data, preparing and interpreting maps/GIS information and/or other general research.  College course work (60 semester credit hours) in Planning, Geography, GIS data, Statistics, Economics or other related field experience may be substituted for the experience. 

Preferred Qualifications:  Project Management certification or experience is preferred.  SharePoint software skills and website posting experience preferred.

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