Sales Support Analyst

Cornwall Analytics, Inc.
Job Description
Coanics is looking for the right person to help with customer research, making initial contact and setting up a meeting or product demo.
In this position you will conduct outbound calls for one or more of our B2B technology clients. The calls may entail appointment setting, data append or event promotion to identify targeted sales opportunities for their sales organizations. You will then capture and maintain this data and ensure records are accurate while entering the information in a CRM. A list of targeted contact names is always provided for each project.
Calling into an organization is the most effective method of accurately verifying information about it and/or its employees, but roadblocks faced by callers limit this strategy at times. It is the goal of the internet researcher to either bypass these roadblocks altogether and gather information about an organization through different means and overcome these barriers by finding information that will better connect callers directly to the intended person or organization.
Qualities of a Remarkable Employee?
Having success in outbound B2B sales, high volume cold calling and appointment setting experience. This includes having experience in speaking with C-level executives within the corporate technology industry. It is also necessary to be comfortable learning and describing technology products and networking systems! If you have a good grasp of navigating the internet, you would be a great candidate. Candidates must be experienced working on a computer and be very quick in learning new technology. A few other traits that make our team members successful: business professionalism, being self-motivated, goal-oriented and dependable with excellent attendance. Good time management with strong verbal and written communication skills is important too.
  • Knowledgeable use of Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel
  • Ability to work in a constantly evolving, dynamic environment
  • Openness to work with various departments
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
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