Skilled Trades Worker I - HVAC PM Technician - Job Code #4296

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Skilled Trades Worker I (Working Title: HVAC PM Technician):  Perform, conduct, complete thorough preventive maintenance on all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems and equipment throughout the county. General duties include inspection, testing, cleaning and minor repair and/or adjustment of all types of HVAC equipment. Assist HVAC Skilled Trades Worker II with skilled labor functions in support of all maintenance services when called upon.


  • Conduct visual and auditory inspections of equipment to assess function, including contactor pitting inspections, ampere monitoring and voltage inspections, equipment and bearing temperature inspections, pulley inspections, shaft end-play and shaft deflection inspections, etc. Perform standard preventive maintenance tasks of various pieces of equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s standards, including filter changes, lubrication of bearings and related, inspect/tighten electrical connections, etc. Complete minor equipment adjustments and repair, including but not limited to belt replacement/adjustment, alignment and set screw adjustment, chilled water and heating coil cleaning, evaporator and condensing coil cleaning on equipment, maintain and treat condensate pans. Identify, evaluate and make recommendations related to equipment condition in order to prevent and/or minimize equipment failures and down time. Complete preventive maintenance forms as provided and prepare reports.
  • Assist HVAC Skilled Trades Worker II on repairs as required.
  • Maintains accurate records and keeps inventory. Orders materials as needed. Maintains clean work environment including mechanical rooms. Completes maintenance records and maintenance logs via Maximo or other designated process or software programs. 
  • ?Serves on a rotating schedule for On-Call.


Minimum Qualifications:  A High School Diploma or its equivalent AND  two (2) years of experience in the HVAC trade.  A valid Florida Driver's License at time of appointment.

****The successful candidate will be subject to an extensive background check(s) as a part of the hiring process.

Preferred Qualifications:  Formal classroom training pertaining to HVAC systems.  At least two (2) years experience performing HVAC maintenance in commercial, institutional or governmental buildings.  Valid Universal EPA card.

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