Skilled Trades Worker I - Public Works/Stormwater - Job Code #4335

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Skilled Trades Worker I - Public Works/Stormwater (Official Job Title: Skilled Trades Worker I - Waste Water):  Advanced skilled work in the maintenance, construction and repair of utility and stormwater mains, equipment and facilities.


Stormwater Operations

  • Performs locates, installation, maintenance and repair, to the enclosed and open Stormwater drainage conveyance system and their appurtenances. Forming, pouring and finishing of concrete is part of the maintenance of drainage systems.
  • Performs roadway and right-of-way restoration relating to completed utility maintenance and repairs.

Equipment Operation

  • Operates specialized equipment, such as vacuum trucks, sewer flushing devices, rodding equipment, jetting equipment, television evaluation equipment, open-channel flow meters and other related equipment used in wastewater and storm water collection system maintenance, including relief of storm and sanitary sewer stoppages, cleaning of lines, maintenance of manholes, catch basins (structures), and investigation of inflow and infiltration.
  • Operates specialized equipment, such as backhoes, trenchers, tapping machines, boring machines and other related equipment required to install, maintain and repair utility system mains, services and their appurtenances, including tapping of water mains and installing new water services.

General Duties

  • Responds to customer complaints relating to the utility and storm water systems, including water leaks, water quality concerns, sewer stoppages, Stormwater backups and odors.
  • Maintains equipment and vehicles as assigned. 
  • Completes and submits work orders relating to all work performed in a professional and timely fashion.
  • Responds to emergency situations as required.


Minimum Qualifications:  A High School Diploma or its equivalent and two (2) years of experience in the construction, maintenance and repair of utility water distribution, stormwater conveyance systems and wastewater collection systems.  Must acquire Class "B" CDL or higher CDL within six (6) months of hired date.  Must possess a valid Florida Driver's License at time of hire/appointment.

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