Bus Attendant - Job Code #4405

Sarasota County Government
Job Description

Bus Attendant (2 Positions)This position is routine service work which includes: cleaning, washing, fueling, checking and topping off coolant/oil/power steering/transmission/windshield washer fluids, maintaining fuel and fluids usage records and driving buses.  Probe farebox daily and dump farebox cash box.


  • Cleans interior of buses including windows, seats, dash areas and driver’s area around pedals, and sweeps and mops floors.
  • Cleans exterior of buses including wheels and tires as needed by hand or with the Automatic Bus Washer.
  • Fuels transit buses/support vehicles, probes and removes GFI cash box.
  • Checks fluid levels, such as coolant, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid and diesel exhaust fluid.
  • Installation of public service messages inside buses.
  • Records mileage, vehicle number, fuel gallons and fluids on the fuel sheet matrix form.
  • Drives buses around yard and negotiates around the fuel islands.


Minimum Qualifications:  A High School Diploma or equivalent.  Must maintain Florida Driver's License to stay employed in this classification.


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