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Instructional Faculty Health Sciences

Posted: 06/27/2021

Instructional Faculty Health Sciences Top Message The Program Manager – Health Services Programs, is an instructional faculty member and program administrator who reports to the Dean of Nursing & Health Professions. This position is responsible for providing high-quality leadership within the Health Services academic degree and certificate programs across the college including the Health Services Administration baccalaureate degree, the Health Services Management associate degree, and the Health Care Services certificate. The Program Manager must demonstrate effective problem-solving skills and a willingness to work collaboratively across the college and within the administrative structure. The Program Manager position serves as an instructional faculty member and is responsible for all instructional faculty duties. An instructional faculty member will be responsible for maintaining the highest academic standards in his/her particular discipline. The individual is expected to exercise professionalism and civility in all activities related to the role of academician, including those concerned with the various duties assigned, and any involvement with colleagues, peers, community and students. This position is a 9-month appointment and receives an additional stipend and release time for administrative responsibilities. Job Description Applicants may be asked to demonstrate any or all of the following duties: INSTRUCTIONAL FACULTY DUTIES 1. Teaches all courses as assigned. 2. Pursues innovative approaches to instructional delivery, including creative and effective uses of technology and online instruction. 3. Actively participates in the College's sustainability practices and initiatives. 4. Embraces a multicultural environment and supports the College's diversity initiatives. 5. Exhibits the willingness and ability to adapt to an environment of continuous growth and fast-paced change. 6. Maintains a professional appearance at all times. 7. Maintains attendance and punctuality. 8. Prepares, reviews, orders teaching materials, and updates course outlines and syllabi within College guidelines to meet class schedule requirements. 9. Meets all scheduled classes, and uses scheduled classroom time appropriately. 10. Demonstrates a professional attitude, philosophy, compassion and commitment that promotes student growth and learning. 11. Demonstrates commitment to the institutional mission, goals, and objectives. 12. Adheres to College Rules and Procedures, which reflect updated Federal, state, and local legislation/regulations and College policy that govern the educational process. 13. Maintains accurate student records for grading and attendance purposes, submitting grade reports within college deadlines. 14. Schedules and maintains office hours as assigned. 15. Attends departmental and other meetings as designated by the Department Chair or administrative official. 16. Assists with development, implementation, and evaluation of divisional and departmental program goals. 17. Assists with preparation of public relation materials pertaining to the department. 18. Serves on College committees to which elected or appointed. 19. During periods of planned absences, coordinates with the Department Chair of Coordinator for qualified substitute instructors and provides instructional materials, protocols, and directions to ensure consistent and sequential classroom instruction. 20. Performs various tasks as required by the Department Chair/Program Directors for the fulfillment of departmental responsibilities. 21. Promotes and maintains a healthy and safe educational and work environment, free from harassment and discrimination. 22. Participates in professional development activities. (Demonstrates professional growth and development by updating knowledge of subject matter and using effective and innovative teaching techniques.) 23. Develops, maintains and promotes a positive, respectful and civil atmosphere among colleagues and members of the college-wide community to advance the mission of the college. 24. Performs all other duties as assigned by the proper authority. PROGRAM MANAGER DUTIES 1. Works in partnership with all SCF campuses to provide leadership and guidance over the degree program, and any associated certificates or certifications, to ensure the program is delivered in an efficient, effective, and consistent manner. 2. Provides leadership, guidance, and support to full and part time faculty in their instructional capacity of teaching courses within the degree program. 3. Provides leadership, guidance, assistance, and support for the development of the course schedule and selection of instructional materials. 4. Teaches courses in the degree program based on content expertise. 5. Creates program goals and learning outcomes. Plans strategies to accomplish program goals and learning outcomes consistent with college's goals and strategic plan. 6. Provides leadership in the design and revision of the program curriculum to best meet the established program learning outcomes. Conducts outcomes assessment, evaluating effectiveness of individual courses and the overall program. Creates and revises assessment instruments, collects and analyzes data, making recommendations for improvements. 7. Develops and implements appropriate academic program guidelines and processes. Ensures delivery of a high-quality academic curriculum that is current with industry standards, state and professional curriculum frameworks. 8. Works in partnership with Career & Technical Education regarding various aspects of the degree program including reporting, budgeting, advisory committees, and other aspects of Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. 9. Monitors the business and industry climate that will have a potential impact on student enrollment, instruction, curriculum design, and work-related learning opportunities and makes necessary adjustments to meet the changes including developing new degree programs and certificates as needed. 10. Provides ongoing communication and periodic visits with business and industry to maintain support and discuss pertinent issues. Convenes and represents the college and the program on the Program Advisory Committee. 11. Assists in the identification and supervision of internship opportunities. Maintains regular communication with internship hosts. 12. Supports department of enrollment services in recruiting and in representing the program to other colleges, schools, community agencies, business and industry. 13. Assists in the preparation and makes recommendation for revision of the college catalog, brochures, and other marketing, advertising, and public relations materials pertaining to the program. 14. Leads and coordinates activities related to student persistence, retention, progression, and completion of the degree program. 15. Provides academic advisement of students enrolled in the degree program including course selection, accessing student support resources, evaluating Credit for Experiential Learning (CEL), and recommending appropriate course substitutions. 16. Provides leadership, guidance, and input over various aspects of the degree program including, but not limited to; budget, assessment, student success, student course evaluations, and program evaluation reports, and industry certifications where applicable. 17. Attends scheduled meetings with the Department Chair(s), Assistant Dean(s), and other college officials. 18. Functions as a faculty member in other job responsibilities as assigned by the college administration and performs other duties as assigned. Minimum Qualifications Degree and credit hour requirements must be met in accordance with the criteria for accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Minimum of a master’s degree in Health Services Administration, Health Management, Public Health, or other related field. At least one year of teaching or industry experience; or equivale

Position Type: Full-time

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
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