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Food Service Worker-5 hour

Posted: 09/05/2021

THE SCHOOL BOARD OF MANATEE COUNTY Local Title: FOOD SERVICE WORKER State Title: Food Service Worker JOB DESCRIPTION JOB GOAL: To provide support to the food service department in serving great tasting, healthy foods in a clean inviting atmosphere. QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or GED preferred, or agreement to participate in a District sponsored GED preparation. Approved school district sponsored graduation plan. Must pass a physical exam. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Basic knowledge of quantity food preparation, and ability to use food service equipment. Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. Ability to understand and follow multi-step written and oral instructions. Ability to work under direct supervision using standardized procedures. Ability to schedule activities, collate data, and use job-related equipment. Ability to work well with a wide diversity of individuals. Ability to take and follow directions. Ability to problem solve by identifying issues and selecting corrective action plans. Ability to adhere to food safety practices. Knowledge is required to perform basic math. REPORTS TO: Manager, Food & Nutrition Services Principal PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Inventories food, condiments, and supplies for the purpose of ensuring availability of items required for meeting projected menu requirements. Performs functions of other nutritional services positions, as requested by supervisor for the purpose of ensuring adequate staff coverage within food and nutrition services operations. Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit. Cleans utensils, equipment, and storage, food preparation and serving areas for the purpose of maintaining required sanitary conditions. Inspects food items and/or supplies for the purpose of verifying quantity and specifications of orders and/or complying with mandated health standards. Maintains equipment, storage, food preparation and serving areas in a sanitary condition for the purpose of complying with current health standards. Monitors kitchen and cafeteria areas for the purpose of ensuring a safe and sanitary working environment. Prepares food and beverage items for the purpose of meeting mandated nutritional and projected meal requirements. Serves one or more items of food for the purpose of meeting nutritional requirements and/or requests of students and school personnel. Arranges food and beverage items for the purpose of serving them to students and staff in an efficient manner. Attends site meetings, in-service training, workshops, etc. for the purpose of gathering information required to perform job functions. Monitors equipment malfunctions and/or damage for the purpose of notifying supervisor of need for repair and/or replacement. ESSENTIAL PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Stand for up to six (6) continuous hours. Stoop, squat, kneel, and/or bend in a manner that allows the palms to touch the floor (as in cleaning baseboards, equipment, etc.). Bend from a standing position in a manner that allows the palms to touch the knees (as in washing of pots and pans in deep sinks, and cleaning milk boxes). Bend from the waist in a standing position with the arms outstretched for an extended period of time (as in the service of food). Twist, turn, and/or stretch from side to side that allows the shoulders to be perpendicular to the hips (as in sweeping, mopping, stocking shelves removing food from ovens). Lift, carry, and/or support 30 pounds from shoulder level to above head (as in placing food in ovens, freezer, stockroom shelves etc.). Perform duties requiring non-repetitive motions with hands and wrist (as in slicing, dicing, washing, counting money, writing, scrubbing, scraping, etc.). Stock, wash, prepare, serve, and handle all types of foods. Work with caustic and non-caustic chemicals. Work in hot, humid environment. Maintain high standards of personal cleanliness. Learn food preparation, serving, and clean-up procedures. Learn sound sanitation principles. Understand and follow oral and written directions. Learn foods, equipment, and techniques used in food preparation, service, and clean-up. Read, write, and utilize basic math skills. Use and/or learn basic computer skills. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Work in this job classification is considered medium physical work requiring the exertion of up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and up to 30 pounds of force frequently and up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects. TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the District’s approved compensation plan. Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by the District. EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of personnel. Board approved: 03/12/2007 Revised: 04/14/2008 02/21/2012 05/22/2018 12/11/2018 SALARY SCHEDULE: AFSCME PAYGRADE: VARIOUS SHORT TITLE: FDS007, FDS009, FDS010, FDS011, FDS012, FDS013, FDS014, FDS015, FDS049, FDS052 STATE JOB CODE: 76023 Pay Scale Negotiated Starting Hourly : $12.55

Position Type: Full-time

Employer Type: Government Entity

Employer Willing to Train: Yes

The School District of Manatee County
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