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Athletic Republic offers state-of-the-art sports performance training that unlocks the potential of any athlete, helping them perform at their best.Ready for training that will transform your life? Athletic Republic training is offered through a network of nearly 80 franchisees and licensees located in more than 25 US states and abroad. Find the Athletic Republic closest to you and schedule a visit.

We believe in the power of sport. Transforming bodies has the power to change lives and we're passionate about empowering athletes to succeed, in competition and beyond.

We embrace the spirit of sportsmanship. Fair play, trust, and mutual respect always govern our interactions with each other and with our athletes.

We're good teammates. We work well together, acting collaboratively and supporting each other as we work toward our goals.

We're always improving. We continuously look for better ways to achieve peak performance and to deliver a superior experience to our athletes and to our partners.

We're competitors, not participants. We never settle. We're about winning, and we work to be the best we can be, for ourselves and our team.

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Kristi Aker
Mr. Ken OBrien
Facility Director
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